Thousands of Permits in many cities were never completed when the work was done in 2006 after Hurricane Wilma. This has caused a major problem, especially in the last 4 years w/ the Real Estate Market trying to swing like it finally has of recent months. Each city may now see this as a way to generate more revenue w/ fees and fines. This has beeen causing problems with people trying to get Mitigation inspections completed, having no proof of the new roof so  no FBC credits among other’s as well. I am hearing more of this, but by the time we receive everything the buyer’s have been through this problem already. I do always advise to do the Mitigation and 4 point inpsections as early as possible to be sure the home is insurable and to know what the new Insurance rates will be when the deal is ready to go. Please enjoy the full article below by the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinal and brought to us by our Friends at First State Insurance.Please call L & S Insurance at 1-888-244-7400 for all of your Home, Auto, Flood, Business & Commercial, and even Life Insurance quotes as well;,0,2420357.story