On the East coast of Florida, you should not see as much happen, but if you are west of I-95 in S. Florida, Citizens will try to get rid of your policy soon.All those in Fort lauderdale and all over S. Florida are at risk for this change. It is only a question of time that this was destined to happen and this will make Citizens and it’s slush fund and Bond issue in a much better financial situation if it can happen before the next hurricane hit’s Florida. We have already had 2 storms out of 4 Hit Florida this season already and we are only in  Mid July so watch out. The  plan is in motion and will continue for several years so try to leave Citizens if and when you can. Please call  L & S Insurance at 1-888-244-7400 for a quote on Home, Flood, Auto, Business & COmmercial and Life Insurance as well.