October 2012

Many companies Like Universal P & C  want to know if you have had financial concearns because bad credit tends to lead to more claims and usually of the fraudulent type. Many carriers decline claims, refund premiums ect because of this and the now the Florida consumer advocate says this should not be. Please read the article by Charles Ellsmore of the Palm Beach post  and sent to us by pur friends at First State Insurance. Please call L & S at 1-888-244-7400 for quotes on Home, Auto, Flood, Business & Commercial and Life Insurance as well.


46% of all Floridians say that Insurance is a huge burden compared to 24% for the tax problem. 4 years ago it was 36% and 31%. Obviously this is a continuing problem that still must be dealt with in Tallahassee. The average premium for a single family  Home Insurance policy in S. Florida is now over 3K/year  and could be close to 4K.Many homes are over 6K especially if they are older homes with Flat roofs even if they are newer. Condo Insurance  policies are never below $1200 these days. How much can the people of Florida handle and how badly will this hurt the desperately needed Real estate recovery that has started?? Home Insurance rate hikes for next year are already approved for many Carriers like Castle Key, Citizens, State Farm and many other’s. More questions than answers today, but please call L & S Insurance at 1-888-244-7400 for all of your quote for Home,Auto, Flood, Business & Commercial and Life Insurance policies as well. Please read the full article below fom the Herald tribune.com on line paper.


We are now up to 310K policies and the goal was to have 500K by Governor Rick Scott this year. More to come, but everyone will have to be carefull when shopping to avoid big problems. Please read the article below and be mindful of changing Insurance especially if your home is built 1982 or older. Please call L & S Insurance at 1-888-244-7400 to find out more how we can help on quotes for Home, Auto, Flood, Business & Commercial, and Life Insurance as well.


I have been preaching this to all of our clients and Realtors throughout all of Florida and now it is in print. Thanks to Paul Owers of the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinal, everyone should know about this before buying a home or purchasing a new Home Insurance policy from a new carrier as it may backfire. Please call L & S Insurance at 1-888-244-7400 for quotes on Home,Auto, Flood, Business & Commercial, and Life Insurance as well. Please read the full article below.


Misappropriation of funds I believe this is called. Lavish trips by execs. with expensive bills and terminations of many employees to boot. The people being terminated will be replaced by more qualified people like Accountants, but until that happens, the job they did will go undone and the cost could be much higher to do business. This does not sound like a well run company, but we all know that this is not and is not likely to be true for some time, if Ever. With all of the issues facing Citizens and the needs of the state of Florida, this was bad timing for all of this to come out for the Governor. Now his good friend of many Decades Barry Gilway, will now have to anser all of the charges he is facing and the decisions he made so far in his short tenure  as CEO. Please read the full article below and call L & S for quotes on Home, Auto, Flood, Busijness & COmmercial as well as Life Insurance at 1-888-244-7400.


(R) State Rep.  Frank Artilles is now going very public to get his name in the paper! The Florida legislature has had plenty of time to come up with many ideas, but they have had none!! Now that a plan is ready by the citizens Board of Governors,Representative  Artilles wants the Legislators in Tallahassee  to look it over and put the approval on it. I am not sure I agree with this plan or not, but I do  know that 500K policies no longer In Citizens is good for Florida and Fort Lauderdale  no matter how it happen’s. The Environmment is certainly better in Florida for availablility of product, but the price is still way too high. The people of Florida cannot keep paying these rates which can be 10 times what they were 20 years ago and that is bad Inflation!!!  Please  read the article by the Representative Artilles and tell him what you think. Please call L & S INsurance at 1-888-244-7400 for al of your quotes on Home, Auto, Flood, Business & Commercial and Life Insurance quotes as well.


Here are the early number’s w/ PIP. No major Impact, but some will see small rate reductions. Do not get so excited and the amounts are only based on the premium to your PIP coverage and not the entire policy. The savings some will see could be as much as 7% and many will not see the significane increases that were originally expected, but the PIP costs are only $200 or so every 6 months so we are talking $17 Savings  ect.. Please call L & S Insurance at 1-888-244-7400  for all of your Home, Auto, Flood, Business & Commercial and Life Insurance quotes as well. Please read the ful article below;


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