Misappropriation of funds I believe this is called. Lavish trips by execs. with expensive bills and terminations of many employees to boot. The people being terminated will be replaced by more qualified people like Accountants, but until that happens, the job they did will go undone and the cost could be much higher to do business. This does not sound like a well run company, but we all know that this is not and is not likely to be true for some time, if Ever. With all of the issues facing Citizens and the needs of the state of Florida, this was bad timing for all of this to come out for the Governor. Now his good friend of many Decades Barry Gilway, will now have to anser all of the charges he is facing and the decisions he made so far in his short tenure  as CEO. Please read the full article below and call L & S for quotes on Home, Auto, Flood, Busijness & COmmercial as well as Life Insurance at 1-888-244-7400.