The watered down bill from the Senate was approved as a house bill that primarily deals with Citizens Insurance. Citizens needs to shrink and a clearing house where the policy given to Citizens can be shopped out before it is sent to be issued by an underwriter. If any carrier has rates even 15% higher for the same coverage, the client will be moved and no option for Citizens will exist for them. Companies will now be lining up when this starts and that could be as early as 1/1/2014!!!  In Fort Lauderdale the prices will still rise and since every carrier now knows that the pricing can be 15% more than Citizens, that pricing will likely be expected.  Although the bill does not dictate price for Citizens, the fact that 15% will now be enforced will allow the carriers to raise and keep rates at just under 15% of Citizens to be sure they maxinmize the premiums they can receive. In Fort Lauderdale and most of South Florida, this will continue to mean higher rates. Governor Rick Scott wanted more, but this is a bill he can sign and still try for re-election next year. After the election next year another bill will be easier to pass again. Please read the full article and the comments by FAIA president Jeff Grady. Please call L & S Insurance at 1-888-244-7400 for quotes on Home, Auto, Flood Business & COmmercial and Life Insurance products as well.