While this decision is still going on in Washington, the playmakers are not even waiting for this to happen or not. It looks like a new Flood Policy from a private market will soon be available in Florida and at least 6 other states. The rates for the hardest hit by FEMA, will still be higher than before, but significantly better priced. We have 2 scenarios working to solve 1 problem, so who knows how it will end, but Private flood is coming and will be backed by Lloyds of London. People from Fort Lauderdale, all of S. Florida and Tampa areas like Tarpon springs have all been the hardest hit, but it does look like Private flood will fill in gaps as needed and then we will see how things continue on in the future. We await the passing of the Private flood policy by our legislators in Tall. but this seems to have huge support and should pass quickly. Please call L & S at 1-888-244-7400 for Insurance quotes for Home, Auto, Flood, Business & Commercial, & life & Financial products as well. Please enjoy the full article below from the Insurance Journal for the US.