You can save so much money on Flood and the policy is written on company paper. This means it is covered by FIGA and the Florida Cat Fund . HCI also has this product  reinsured with Berkshire Hathaway so we know it is very secure and safe!! Please call L & S Insurance at 1-888-244-7400 for free quotes on Home, Flood, Private Flood, Auto, Business & Commercial & Life & Financial products as well.

Florida Insurer Launches Company Offering Admitted, Standalone Flood Coverage

Paresh Patel, HCI Group chairman and CEO, said the timing is right to start the company, which he says is the first licensed flood insurer in Florida.

“As we are getting more expansive in our offering of flood policies it made sense to put it in a separate vehicle,” Patel said. “Because of the technology and the way TypTap works, it’s a different way of doing things than in the past.”

Patel said the coverage is sold through agents on the TypTap website. The online purchase process has been simplified through TypTap’s backend technology and only requires potential customers to answer three questions, then pick an agent from a dropdown menu to finish the policy purchasing process.

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