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High Republican turnout in Florida held back the predicted “blue wave” as FAIA-supported candidates scored major victories in Tuesday’s election. After spending nearly $900,000 on political campaigns in the 2018 election cycle, FAIA scored a 91.5 success rate, going four for four in Cabinet races, 13 of 14 in Senate races, and 37 of 41 in House races. The election of presumed Governor-Elect Ron DeSantis gives a huge boost to the insurance community’s hopes of combating assignment of benefits fraud.

Narrow margins mean recounts

But, this is Florida, and nearly three days after Election Day, election results are still not certified for the Governor’s race (in a machine recount), the U.S. Senate race, and the Agriculture Commissioner’s race (both in a by-hand recount). Follow Kyle Ulrich’s blog for updates.