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34 Florida carriers have 100% or more claims to revenue last year in 2019. Some are as high as 120% of revenue. AOB has caused this problem with no end in sight for rate hikes. Carriers will start to non renew their books of business, older homes, homes with water damage claims. This will hit the housing market & 1st time Homebuyers chances to buy homes will be even more less likely. There was supposed to be a special session about just Insurance in Tallassee in mId March, but now w/ the COVID-19 break out, that session may never happen this year. Everyone needs to understand their Home Insurance policies, coverages or lack their of.

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Demotech set to reveal downgrades as
full-year results show Florida pain
Demotech has affirmed the majority of the 46 Florida homeowners specialists it rates with the
remaining carriers awaiting their fate as the agency completes its review of 2019 financials
that reveal widespread operating losses and actions to shore up balance sheets, The Insurer
can Demotech is the only firm that rates most of the Florida specialists and its financial strength
ratings are critical to them because lenders typically require insurance policies bought by
homeowners in the state to be from A rated carriers.
As previously reported, in January this year the ratings agency warned of a potential slew of
downgrades in response to a range of macroeconomic and unique state specific issues faced
by Florida-focused carriers.
And analysis by this publication reveals 36 out of 46 companies we compiled data on from
2019 statutory annual statements fell to an operating loss in 2019. A total of 34 of the carriers
reported combined ratios of over 100, with 14 at over 120 percent.reveal.