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The survey of 1,582 Florida voters conducted August 31 to September 2 by “Get Ready, Florida!” – a statewide public education initiative produced by the nonprofit FAIR Foundation, follows one conducted by the organization at the start of this year’s hurricane season. The new survey indicates a slight shift in Floridians concerns about hurricane season at its halfway mark compared with the start of the season in June, during the height of the pandemic.

The most recent survey looked at Floridians recovery expectations for catastrophic storms. Most respondents (68%) said they would find it difficult to pay the average $5,000 hurricane deductible if needed, with only 32% indicating that the $5,000 deductible would be “very manageable” or “no problem” at all to pay following a storm.

More than six in 10 (62%) of Floridians with homeowners or renters insurance said they are unsure what their policies would cover following a storm. And, despite the fact that most hurricane policies do not cover tree and debris removal from yards, 16% of survey respondents said they believed this benefit is covered in their policy. Almost one-third of those surveyed say they would be willing to pay something extra each month in order to have their policies cover these services.

Twenty-seven percent of respondents said they’ve experienced problems relating to yard debris or fallen trees following a storm. This includes 19% who say they have been blocked from their home or driveway, 11% who say they were stuck with large bills for debris removal, and 4% who say that they or a member of their household have been injured trying to remove debris out of the way.

More than two-thirds would like their local governments to plan ahead and line up debris removal services in advance so life can return to normal as quickly as possible following a disaster.

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