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Please picture the state of Florida in your mind! You live on a Peninsula surrounded by Water. We have Lakes, canals, Intracoastal, man made lakes & the everglades! If you live in Florida, you are low to sea level & you are in a Flood Zone for sure!!! In Florida, we have 2 zones for the most part, Zone X & A. Zone X is the zone many call not a flood zone, but it is, just low risk for now, but we have all seen the floods in S. Florida this year 2020 to know this already. Zone A is where it will be required if you have a mortgage, & that is any zone starting with A.

The Flood Maps will be changing again soon & many zone X people will find themselves being changed to zone A & will be required to have it in 2-3 years. We can help you save money in this change down the road, by using the Grandfather clause for you. My real question is why would anyone not want a flood Insurance policy if you live in Florida? If you do not have to have one & choose not to take one, then you have no business complaining about floods that occur to you. If you are relying on FEMA to help, they will, but you will never own your home, so why let this happen for $50-60 each month!> I can’t figure this out & may never, but we will give you every option needed to make your best decision.