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The shamers are dishonored annually by the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud. This year, houses are burned. Military valor is stolen. Fake slip-and-falls take a $31-million tumble. A mother is shot. The Commanders in Thief help put insurance fraud on full national display and with a purpose.

The shamers play a useful deterrent role. Promoting extreme schemes can help harden public opinion against this $80 billion a year crime.

Most people also remember vivid stories better than dry data, providing consumers with better recall of insurance criminals such as the shamers. We learn in vibrant detail the damage these Tyrannosaurus Wrecks can inflict on honest Americans. More people then share the shrieks on social media — better-promoting honesty and avoidance.

The shamers also remind America that fraud fighters are committed counterweights to insurance crime — investigating in the field and convicting in court. So enjoy the shamers, up to a point.

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