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Policyholders who let their car insurance coverage to be automatically renewed are probably making a big mistake. Drivers should research the insurance market and look for better deals before renewal time arrives. Usually, insurance companies are sending renewal information 30-45 days before the renewal date. This period is enough for policyholders to analyze the insurance prices and to decide if they should remain with the current provider or they should look for another one.

Before making any major decision, drivers should consider the following:

  • Drivers should check if all the info about them is updated. The new insurance rates should consider the recent major changes in the lives of the policyholders. Many of these changes can have a significant impact on insurance premiums. Events, like getting married, or getting a better job, can lower the costs of car insurance. If the insurer is not aware of these events, drivers should contact them and ask for updated insurance rates.
  • Consider looking for another provider. If all info is correct, but the premiums have risen, then the policyholder is the victim of price optimization. This strategy is used by insurance providers on clients who are deemed to be less likely to look for better insurance deals on the insurance market. In this case, drivers should consider switching their carriers and look for better car insurance deals.
  • Shop around for better car insurance deals. Comparing online car insurance quotes can help drivers find better car insurance deals. Brokerage websites will allow drivers to discover insurance offers made by multiple insurance providers that sell policies in their areas. Drivers who got the insurance policy they wanted can request the help of an insurance agent to further customize that policy and save more money on insurance.
  • Check the discounts. Drivers who are considering switching their insurers should check the discounts provided by the current carrier. Bundling discounts can be really rewarding and drivers who combine the homeowner’s insurance with car insurance can save as much as 20%