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Q: I got married in March and we now have a baby due in May. We have debt of $190,000 on our home mortgage. Should we purchase 20-year term life insurance or permanent life protection?  — No name given

A: Based on what you’ve told me, I would recommend buying the 20-year term for now as it will be easier on your cash flow with a new baby coming. You will have plenty of time in the future to convert the term to permanent life insurance protection (with no evidence of insurability requirement) should you have any unexpected life changing event. —  John Cash III

Q: Is there a safe place to put cash from a stock sale and get a good return? — R.A., Clermont

A: No, unfortunately not. It is a good idea to reduce your single stock, risk but the downside is the current low interest rate environment. Consider some tax-free bond funds as a diversified asset class. —  Dennis Nolte