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New litigated claims for Florida’s largest property/casualty insurers grew to 6,398 in June, according to data compiled by litigation management software provider CaseGlide.

June litigated claims were up 14% from May’s figure of 5,364.

Of the 17 largest Florida insurers monitored by CaseGlide, all but one grew their litigated claims month over month. In the same period, six insurers grew by more than 20%, while an additional seven grew between 10 and 20%.

Miami-Dade accounted for 20% of new litigated claims, followed by Broward at 17% and Palm Beach at 9%.

“New litigated claim numbers are continuing to climb to significant levels,” said Wesley Todd, CEO of CaseGlide. “For the second month this year, we’re seeing figures at or around 6,400 newly litigated cases in a month. We haven’t experienced that level of volume since we began following the data in 2015. With Governor DeSantis recently signing SB 76, aimed at restructuring litigation rules in Florida, we intend to keep a close eye on the data to determine whether or not that bill provides meaningful relief for the state’s insurers.”