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The tragedy provides a lesson on the importance of transparency and honesty when completing insurance applications.

By Tiffany J. Rothenberg | July 26, 2021 at 03:00 AM | The original version of this story was published on Daily Business Review

As a related matter, policyholders should know that under Florida law, there is a duty to read and understand documents before signing. When an insured signs an insurance application, the insured is affirming to the carrier that all of the information provided is correct. This is true even if the insurance agent filled out the application, and simply requests a signature. (Credit: Felix Mizioznikov/

As of July 16, a search of Miami-Dade Court records revealed more than 20 lawsuits that have been filed on behalf of the deceased, grieving families, and the dozens of survivors rendered homeless following the Surfside Condo collapse. As the investigation unfolds on the recent tragedy, so too has the pursuit for accountability and compensation for victims.

Initially, litigants focused on the potential coverage limits of the condo association’s property insurance and liability insurance policies as sources of compensation. Indeed, at one of the first hearings, Judge Michael A. Hanzman, the judge presiding over the Surfside Condo matters, observed that the combined funds of these policies, totaling $48 million, are unlikely to adequately “compensate everyone fully for the extent of their losses.”