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Insurance companies are not as interested in S. Florida & older roofs. What is an older roof these days to an Insurance carrier? Flat roofs, 10 years, Shingle 15 & Tile 25 or less in many cases.

The Insurance carriers want people to start taking care of their own home so they should not have to when storms come & everything needed to be replaced & the owner never did things to protect their own home?

4 Point Inspections will soon be required at 15 years by Citizens & Most carriers will follow suit. Why put your clients at risk by not doing one?

Another Issue are the Famous RCE’s. Costs have increased & so has the coverage on your home. Your current policy may cover you for 400K, but in a new policy , you will likely need 500K or close to it.

Carriers are non renewing for reasons like this so be happy when you get a renewal & don’t complain about the rate. You can try to adjust coverages in some cases so ask an expert.I hear too often that Inspectors are giving Insurance advice?? Why would anyone believe that? Please let us do a class for your next team meeting by reaching out to us. I also offer a 3 hour CE class for Realtors approved by the DBPR called ” Don’t let Property Insurance affect your closing.”