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10 Surprising Things That Home Insurance Covers

Duration: 01:25 19 hrs agoLikeComments|2Most people understand that their homeowners insurance will pay if a tree lands on the roof or the garage goes up in flames. However, many policies cover a number of other losses that you may not expect. Of course, it goes without saying that every insurer is different, and you should check your policy to determine what coverage you have specifically. When you do, you may find you have coverage for the following things. 1. Terrorist attack As long as the U.S. isn’t at war, your insurance company should pay for any damages caused by a terrorist attack. Most insurers specifically exclude acts of war, but an isolated event that results in fire, smoke or other damage to your property should be covered under your policy’s standard provisions. 2. Dorm room contents When your son or daughter moves to college, your home insurance may protect their possessions as well. But that’s only if they live in a dorm, as we detail in “3 Types of Insurance Every College Student Needs.” 3. Your lawn and landscaping If someone drives over your yard and tears up the grass, your insurer may pay to fix the damage. That’s because trees, plants and shrubs are generally covered by standard homeowner insurance policies. The Insurance Information Institute says plants are generally covered up to $500 per item as long as they are not diseased and have been properly maintained. 4. Marijuana plants Surprise. Marijuana plants may also be covered by your insurance policy. Depending on the insurance company and your state laws, marijuana plants may be treated the same as shrubs and other plants. See Also: 9 Houseplants That Remove Toxins From Your Indoor Air 5. Stolen goods Speaking of personal possessions, if you have belongings stolen far from home — anywhere — a standard homeowners policy should cover the loss. That is true even if something is stolen from your car. It’s a home insurance policy that will pay, not car insurance. 6. Falling objects If a falling object — such as part of a satellite — damages your house, your insurer likely would pick up the tab for any repairs. The Insurance Information Institute says falling objects — from satellites to asteroids — are covered under most standard homeowners policies.More From Money Talks News