Please call  Lee from  USAsurance Powered by WeInsure. 954-270-7966 or 833-USAssure at the office. My email is . I am Your Insurance Consultant  about Home Insurance, Auto, Flood, Private Flood, Car, Life Insurance, Mortgage protection, Financial Products, Business  & Commercial Policies, & Group Products for business owners to give Employees benefits at no cost to the employer.

No one should think that one agency can do things that other agencies cannot, there are just agencies willing to put your clients at risk & should not do it, but welcome to Florida. If your policy should not have been bound for coverage then in a claim, you are not covered end of story. People take chances & risks, but foolishly just to save a few dollars or just to get someone to closing. We all want to get someone to closing , but not get sued for claims not covered which does happen quite frequently. At a closing, roof issues are very possible w/ several scenarios you should understand, but the roof having leaks plays a major role in the ability to do something. Electrical & plumbing issues are not possible without the seller making repairs before closing. Surplus carriers can also be used in many scenarios to help a client get to closing & having them sign off on the coverages is very critical. I am able to do classes live or zoom for 1 hour or 3. The 3 hour class is good for 3 hours of CE credit w/the DBPR, but we must have at least 15 people in that class. The 1 hour is stictly educational & questions are encouraged by all. This topics covered also do Inc,ude Flood Insurance which will now be required by Citizens Insurance on 4/1/2023 & we expect all carriers to follow suit shortly after. Learn aboit the new Bill passed by Tallahassee & learn how this will impact your business in 2023, because it surely will.