First Community(FCIC) is the next company doing a rate and file increase for a 23% increase on a statewide average which could mean 30-40% here in S. Florida. This company does not write to much, but they have taken a lot of people out of Citizens Insurance over the last several years. Now with this increase scheduled soon and Citizens Insurance going up as well, the people insured will most likely have little or no options. Even if they want to make a switch, they will have to pay for a new Mitigation inspection and possibly a 4 point as well and this is an expense many do not want so they are stuck w/ the increase and are happy not getting a cancellation which is worse!This will start 4/1/11  which is not much notice and only 2 months before the start of Hurricane season. Please enjoy the article below and remember to contact us at L & S Insurance for all your insurance needs and quotes;



Here we go again as this Banker’s Insurance subsidiary raises it’s rates like all the carriers have or will soon. This could mean up to 50% increases for people here in S. Florida. That means that your agent needs to have many companies for you to shop with and having a new current mitigation inspection is crucial for getting the best possible rates. Even in Hurricane season there are more carriers that have just opened there doors for business Like Olympus, Universal, St. John’s and others. Good quality carriers like Federated National and Ark Royal have been writing all season w/ limited agencies. Please give us a call here at L & S or go to the  request a quote section and send us your info so we can try to help. Please enjoy the entire article by Julie Patel of the Sun sentinal;