Florida Senator Alan Hays

Just like in Wahington, they cannot agree and there are so many variations to this bill  that little may happen this year. To me, this means that they do not want to go to work for the people of Florida and try to help the situation. Prices of Insurance are so high, many are loosing their homes because of insurance premiums and not from not  paying the mortgage.  Senator A. Hays and Governor Rick scott had best do something to try and help the people of Florida and especially those in Fort Lauderdale and all of South Florida where the rates are going out of control and will continue to get worse. Those legislators in Tall. need to do more work for us than stand party lines!!!   Please call L & S Insurance at 1-888-244-7400 for quotes on Home, Auto, Flood, Business & Commercial and Life Insurance as well. Please read the full article below from the Insurance Journal today 4/19/13


The Citizens board approved the 429% Sinkhole  increase 4-0 but wait there is more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Many Politicians are getting calls from their  rolls and now they are showing signs of temporary caring for all of us paying higher premiums. This will not affect Fort Lauderdale as much as the people in Tampa area, but we all have to help Citizens make up the 210 MIllion is Sinkhole losses. Senator Mike Fasano and Senator A Hays  among other lawmakers in Tallahassee are asking our Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty to hold public hearings on the issue. All of this will go on, but rest assured these increases are coming and soon so be ready. There are many concerns from people as to Banks requiring the coverage when it can be so unafordable, but that does not seem likely for other reasons like Catastrophic Ground Collapse coverage’s.All of this on top of the 10% increases  already scheduled and the looming surcharges and Citizens is a disaster on a good day and needs to be revamped. Good luck with that especially in the middle of hurricane season like we are, but anything is possible. Please contact  L & S Insurance for quotes on all Insurance products like Home Insurance, Auto, Business and commercial w/ Flood and even life and financial products. Please also enjoy the article   below w/ the full story;


Here we go w/ the last minute posturing!!! Senator Fasano sent a letter to Governor Rick Scott and Senate President Mike Haridopolous   asking this process be holted and  and a full hearing should take place to determine what really should happen. Apparantly Governor  Rick Scott also wants to eliminate Citizens in 4 years or so and force every one back into private carriers which would include Surplus lines. These are not state of Florida  guaranteed and could leave thousands out to dry in   hurricane or disaster just like what happened at Hurricane Adrew in Homestead in 1992. As if this was not enough Governor Scott and Senator JD Alexander  also wants to change the name of Citzens to  “Taxpayer Funded Property Insurance program” so everyone understands who really pays the bills! This bill is spoonsored by Senator Alan Hays and you have to wonder what they are all thinking about up there. Rates have to go up, that seems apparant, but the other things they are trying to do it is no wonder that the big Insurance carriers do not want to be here like State Farm and Allstate as we have this type of congress trying to do such weird things like this.What a welcome to Hurricane season w/ any news like this. Please call L & S Insurance for all your Insurance quotes and please enjoy the article  from Tampa Bay.com and the Sarasota Herald Tribune.


With annual Home Insurance  price increases to try and become financially solvent, Governor  Rick Scott and  Senator Alan Hays are getting what they want for  Floridians that have Citizens Insurance. Higer prices,less coverage and people with higher limits of coverage ebing told over the next 3-5 years to go elsewhere. As if this was not enough they are also going to reduce the coverage’s in the policy and even tell public Adjustors they cannot file a lawsuit against Citizens so if you are not happy w/ a claim, you are stuck it seems!!!  Now this is showing how you are for the people????  This looks like the Governor and his new CFO are trying to tell people they should leave Florida or pay the premium! What a  joke as all carriers are also raising their rates and so most are struggling to afford the premiums they now have to pay. Please read the full article from Paige St. John and the Bradenton Herald. Please call L & S Insurance for all your Insurance needs;


I have posted Blogs on this before and it is getting ever so close to passing the full House and Senate in Tallahassee. Write now it passed committee by party lines, but it will have no problem pasing the full Legislative body when asked. In Tall., money talks and Citizens Insurance is nearly broke and the state does not want to pick up the burden.Senator Alan Hays and Senator J.D. Alexander are among the Legislators trying to push this bill through to  Governor  Rick Scott who has promised to already sign quickly.The changes will be as follows;

20% state wide average increases which can mean up to 40% each year for the next several years at least. Switching to Citizens from another admitted carrier will be more dificult w/ 25% premium diferances and of couse less coverage for all this money you will be charged. This is supposed to tell people to get out of Citizens and get better coverage’s and prices elsewhere.The real problem comes in that every other carrier is also taking large rate hikes to make themselves more fiscally healthy as requested by the OIR , the Insurance commissioner and our new CFO Jeff Atwater  as well. The bottom line is rates are on the rise and who will be able to afford this new rate scenario in an economy like this. All of this just in time for the new Hurricane season only 2  months away!Please read the full article below and please call L & S Insurance to get the best quotes for Hoem Insurance , Auto and commercial as well;


Senate Republican Alan  Hays and Republican State Rep Jim Boyd propose many changes in Citizens which include rate hikes at 25% /year instead of the 10% cap it now has. Also, to be able to go to Citizens, the rate must now be at least 15% cheaper than a regular company,but it could change to 25% which would make most homes  almost always ineligable. Homes that are over 500K  in coverage by 2016  and soon to be 750K all being non renewed so they can go to the private markets over the next 5  years as well. Lastly a big one would be that no public adjustors could get involved in Citizens Insurance claims. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is a lot to handle and the public will be in an uproar. I do not yet know how the 25% rule will be enforced, but if they find a way, most will not be eligable for Citizens for 1  reason or another or would they want to be there. I also wonder what will happen to the agents of State Farm who can only write Citizens at this point in time? Thye will loose a lot of business to competitors and I do not believe the corporation State farm will be happy with this scenario in Florida. I also know the Public adjustors have a huge lobby and they will not be happy either, so this is far from done.This session will be a  big one in Tallahassee  for our Legislators and our Governor as well. Please read the following article by Julie Patel and please remember to contact us for quotes at L & S Insurance. We still reprsent about 15 carriers including Citizens to shop out all the best rates for your home.