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The race between Scott and Crist has been closely watched by the insurance industry, which has worked under the radar to try and influence the race in Scott’s favor.

With polls showing Scott and Crist virtually even, industry representatives know that the slightest incident could swing the race one way or another. That is why representatives looked on with a mixture of horror and disbelief at the beginning of the debate and the so-called “fangate” affair, which some fear could define the race.

Fla. Gov. Rick Scott

In what has become fodder for late night comedians and TV political pundits, Scott initially refused to participate in the debate because Crist had a small electric fan underneath his podium.

FAIA, through its Trusted Choice program, was a co-sponsor of the debate.

“Most people thought it was a joke and it was like they were waiting for the punch line,” said Grady. “But then there was no punch line.”

Professional Insurance Agents of Florida CEO Corey Mathews said that unfortunately the fan incident was a “big deal,” which on the surface exposed the different temperaments of both candidates.

“You have two very different candidates with two very different perspectives,” said Mathews. “Crist is a natural campaigner and a populist, while Scott is more focused on jobs and making a difference.”

Many in the insurance industry feel they have a lot at stake in this election and fear a victory for Crist with whom they have had their differences in the past.

Now the fear is that the election could some down to a bizarre fight over a fan.

“It was really hard to watch,” said another industry onlooker. “Clearly it rattled Scott and it seemed he could never clean it up.”

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Please enjoy the full article for a good laugh at Florida Politics!!!


Democrat Charlie Crist said he successfully reduced rising property insurance rates as governor and will do so again if elected, vowing to repeal a law enacted under Republican Gov. Rick Scott that he said provides weaker coverage at a higher price.

It’s a familiar theme for Crist, who campaigned in 2006 on a pledge to lower insurance rates that were skyrocketing after eight hurricanes battered Florida in two years. One of his first acts as governor was to call a special session to deal with rising rates. Lawmakers expanded the amount of state-sponsored reinsurance, which brought down costs for private carriers, and froze rates by the state-created Citizen’s Property Insurance Corp., which took on more policies as national companies backed away from Florida.

Minutes after Crist’s announcement, the Office of Insurance Regulation announced that it approved the removal of 428,000 policies from Citizens to private companies. In all, nearly 900,000 policies have been approved for removal as the state tries to reduce the number of Citizens policies. Customers can choose to remain with Citizens.

Scott signed a bill his first year in office designed to attract more insurance companies to Florida. Consumer advocates and legislative critics said it would raise rates by up to 15 percent while taking away benefits from customers. Crist vetoed a similar bill the year before.

Scott’s campaign criticized Crist’s insurance policies for putting more of a burden on state government.

“Florida taxpayers were left on the hook for billions and homeowners were left with fewer options to protect their property,” said Scott spokesman Matt Moon in an email to reporters. “Under Governor Scott, Florida has done the exact opposite, reforming and shrinking Citizens Insurance while giving consumers more choice and competition to protect their home.”

I am not a fan of either of them, but under Governor Scott, the Insurance Industry is definitely way more stabile than it has ever been and we have more carriers writing business than ever before! Please call L & S INsurance at 1-888-244-7400 for quotes on Home, Auto, Flood, Business & Commercial, & Life & Financial products as well. Please enjoy the full article below;

FLOOD INSURANCE BILL ADVANCES TO SENATE FLOORSenate Bill 542 by Senator Brandes was heard by the Full Senate this week. The senate adopted an amendment making clear that insurers offering flood coverage could provide coverage’s beyond those specified in the bill, including a wrap policy available to National Flood Insurance Program insureds to supplement coverage available in that policy. The Senate has removed provisions allowing insurers with surplus of at least $35 million to avoid filing a three year pro forma and reinsurance plan prior to writing, effectively requiring all insurers to file such a plan before entering the flood market. The biggest point of contention between the house and senate involves the senate bill provision allowing policyholders to only purchase enough flood insurance coverage to pay the mortgage holder. While this would provide lower cost options to policyholders, it would leave many without the means to repair their houses after a flood. In addition, it would place greater pressure on wind insurers by policyholders attempting to get their homes fixed by claiming wind, not flood, caused the damage. Bryan Nelson, House Insurance Committee Chairman is dead set against this mortgage coverage limit approach. Some in the legislature question why any bill is needed at all, in light of the Federal pushback of the provisions of Biggert Waters. The House will be hearing its bill in the House Governmental Operations Subcommittee this week.SENATE PASSES UNDERWRITING CRITERIA FOR PERSONAL LINES PROPERTY INSURANCE REGARDING FIREARMSSB 424 by Senator Tom Lee passed the Senate this week. HB 255 by Representative Gaetz has been added to the House calendar; however, it is similar to SB 424 and the House could take up the Senate-passed measure which would expedite this legislation reaching the Governor’s desk. This legislation prohibits a property and casualty insurer or automobile insurer from refusing to underwrite, issue, reissue, or renew a policy, cancel or otherwise terminate a policy, or change a discriminatory rate based on an insured’s household member’s lawful use, possession, or ownership of a firearm or ammunition. The inclusion of ammunition was added by the Appropriations Committee. Additionally, the bill prohibits an insurer from disclosing the insured’s ownership of a firearm to a third party unless the insurer discloses to the insured a specific need to disclose the information and the insured consents to the disclosure. An insurer may charge a supplemental premium for a separate rider voluntarily requested by an applicant to insure a firearm or firearm collection that exceeds the standard policy coverage, so long as it is not unfairly discriminatory. For underwriting purposes, an insurer is not prohibited from sharing such information with its licensed insurance agent when a separate rider has been voluntarily requested by an applicant.FLORIDA HURRICANE CATASTROPHE FUND LEGISLATION IS MOVINGSB 391 by Senator Hager passed the Insurance and Banking Subcommittee and is scheduled to be heard by the Government Operations Appropriations Subcommittee this week. The bill reduces the mandatory coverage limit of the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund (“CAT Fund”) from $17 billion to $14 billion over three years beginning June 1, 2015. The bill allows insurers to purchase coverage above the $14 billion limit in $1 billion increments up to $17 billion to cover potential shortfalls in the CAT Fund.Other bills, including SB 610 by Senator Lee, and SB 228 by Senator Ring, also seek to reduce the mandatory coverage level of the CAT Fund.  Lee’s bill would reduce it by $5.2 billion, and Ring’s bill which lowers it even further, have not been heard.

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You cannot distance yourselves from things they track and all politicians like to play Politics. Now the Democrats led by Charlie Christ(Former Republican Governor) is helping to uncover some deals that many say are shady within the Republican Party and are done for political gain. The Investigation will go into next year and who knows what they find, but the deal is done and Heritage will assume an additional 60K policies from Citizens and be paid for them. They will have to pay claims on them, but the ones they take are claim freee at that time so the risk is a good one for Heritage Insurance. What does this mean for Fort Lauderdale and S. Florida is not much. This is Politics in Tall. at their best trying to catch each other doing things instead of just trying to help. Please let L & S help you by call us at 1-888-244-7400 for quotes on Home, Auto, Flood, Business & Commercial, and Life Insurance as well. Please enjoy the full article below as well;

This bill will try to cover all of the things I have been showing over the last several months. Since this year is not an election year, anything goes, so this year is likely to have some real changes. The issue is who will benefit? There could be more private Insurance companies, less policies in Citizens, and The cat fund could put Re-insurance back to the private market as Governor Christ had put Fl0rida at risk by becoming a reinsurer. The will help save Citizens from going under beyond 1 storm or sooner and the Florida Cat fund as well, but who will be the real loosers?? That my friend is the consumer(us), because to save Citizens and the Florida Cat Fund premiums will continue to rise. Buying insurance in Fort Lauderdale and South Florida is already so expensive, but  all of these transitions could cause some major rate hikes still to come. What will the people of Florida do?? Well it seems the the U.S.  Governmant will bail out any catastrophe as proved with Hurricane Sandy since a 50 billion dollar bill to help those who chose to not have insurance is now law. If the Fedeal Government and the Legislator in Washington D.C. will save everyone from these cats then why should our prices rise and how can we use this to our advantage?? There is still the questions about Citizens Insurance as well and Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty still wants to change Citizens back to being the Insurer of last resort at rates 15-20% higher than anyone else in the marketplace. This is where we were before Governor christ and that was also not a good situation??? As usual, this will be discussed, most do not understand what will happen, but prices are still on the rise for 2013 and 2014 for sure. Please read the full article blow. Please call L & S Insurance at 1-888-244-7400 for quotes on Home, Auto, Flood, Business & Commercial and Life Insurance quotes as well.

Julie Patel and Paul Owers of the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinal confirm the news! It is not like this bill would really help shrink Citizens as only 1 carrier(Geovera) came up to the plate to take out 35-50K policies which is minimal numbers to the 1.5 million currently in Citizens today! What Governor Rick Scott, Insurance commissioner Kevin McCarty and CFO Jeff Atwater should be doing with the current Legislature is a new Citizens bill that did not make it to the floor last year and never even discussed this year. Why does this happen and there is only 1 answer, politics and votes. No one will vote to re-elect a Senator, Congressman,or Governor, when they vote to do what is necessary like raising rates on Citizens to be the Insurer of last resort again and that is how it should stay. Governor Christ changed that situation to be a competitive company  and until it changes back, the issues in Florida will not get resolved. Please contatc  L & S Insurance at 1-888-244-7400  for quotes on HOme, Auto, Car Insurance, Business and commercial, Flood, and even Life Insurance quotes. This article was sent to us by our Friends at First State Insurance. Please read the full article below.


Here is an Article by Julie Patel whose info I post very regularly, but this one misses the boat badly! Julie is w/ the Sun Sentinal and seems so concearned about How much Citizens made this past year and not ablout what they have when a claim comes. Citizens Insurance is the only company in Florida that does not have Re-Insurance which every company is required to carry. This means that when the money runs out the people of Florida  have to pay the bill. This is why people should be with a regular carrier and this is also why Citizens rates are so competitive as well. Every company will only only pay a deductable for all major Hurricane claims, but Citizens will use up all of it’s reserves and then it will fall on the tax payer’s to cover the bill. Why do we want that bill especially since this  State of Florida is almost bankrupt and cannot afford it’s teacher’s never mind a 20 billion dollar Hurricane like Wilma, Andrew and all of the other’s inbetween. Governor Christ put this system  in place to lower  rates in Florida and has nearly put the industry in the toilet. As much as I do not want these crazy rate Hikes the cost of re-Insurance is so Important and so stupid for our Now  Governor Rick Scott  to not fix this problem. If this is not fixed, the 1.4 million people in Citizens,which grows by 40K /month ,will bury the State when the next major Hurricane  hits this year or next.  This will  cause problems for us beyond our wildest dreams and not good ones. Home Insurance in Florida and Fort Lauderdale is a very complicated issue and cannot be looked at from just one angle and I am surprised that Julie Patel would write this article, which has accurate info, but does not discuss the topic of Re Insurance and that cannot  be left out when the discussion is out there. Please read Julie’s info and please call L & S INsurance for al of your HOme, Auto, Flood, Business and commercial and Life Insurance as well for Florida and Fort lauderdale.

No new news here, just the facts on Home Insurance, Governor Christ, Governor Rick Scott, the Florida Legislative body and all of the things Florida tries to do and fails all the time. Please read the full article from The Sun Sentinal  to help explain why Home Insurance is so bad here in Florida. Please call L & S INsurance for all of your Home, Auto, Commercial and business Insurance and Life Insurance as well.

Senator Fasano  who was part of this bill is now saying this goes against The Governor’s promise to not raise taxes.This bill is a mess that was passed by our Legislator’s in Tall and it was rushed as well because they assumed this would be signed into Law quickly. Now come the delay’s and isn’t this what Governor Christ also did last year and then finally vetoed the bill. Nothing is really resolved w/ this until the Citizens Insurance Bill is passed and signed as well. Citizens Insurance must become the Insurer of last resort w/ the highest prices or everyone will be in Citizens by next year. The goal is to reduce Citizens into the private marketplace because Insurer’s will have rates they can live with and come back to Florida. Citizens is a bargain this year in many cases and it will continue to grow from the nearly 1.4 Million and not decrease like our Governor really wants.Everyone else has raised rates 30% or more in S. Florida, the people are upset and Citizens  has some of the  lowest rates for so many people it is no wonder thay are choosing it already.On top of all this Re-insurance and the Japan crisis are also going to affect Florida insurance issues as well. Hurricane season is now only 3 weeks away or less and based on what the world has seen of late we all need some luck for this season. please read the fulla rticle by Julie Patel of the Sun Sentinal and please call L & S Insurance for all your Home, Auto, Flood, commercial and Life Insurance needs.

3 major  Home Insurance bills affecting all  Home Insurance companies and especially Citizens Property Insurance could raise rates, reduce protection for Florida consumer’s and  reduce regulation on Insurance companies or possible all 3????  Last Year Governor Christ w/ then Congressman Atwater vetoed the bill and Senator Atwater applauded the veto because it protected the Florida Insurance consumer. This year it seems that Governor Rick Scott will not veto the bills and will protect  The Insurance companies this time so the consumer is left behind and  this does not sit well w/ many although it seems like it will pass and possibly all 3 areas will go through. This may work in the long run, if many large Insurance companies come back to the Florida marketplace  and if  they decide to compete for business which could drive rates down. Well, there are many what if’s here and this does not take into account Hurricane season which will be under way in 5  weeks  and what if another one Hurricane  to Florida or S. Florida which is worse. Please read the full article by the Miami Herald editorial division and remember to call L & S Insurance or ask for a quote on this Blog page;

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