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This is so Important to read as so many will be affected and the news will break un just 3 weeks .

The rating agency responsible for assigning financial stability ratings (FSR) to more than 40 Florida domestic insurers has warned that several carriers will receive downgrades due to deteriorating conditions in the state’s property insurance market, and more than a dozen more could be downgraded in the next few months.

In a letter dated Dec. 20, 2019 that was forwarded to Insurance Journal, Demotech President Joe Petrelli warned Barry Gilway, head of state-backed Citizens Property Insurance Corp., that Gilway’s hoped-for shrinking of Citizens’ policy count might be “more difficult than expected as Demotech would be downgrading several carriers in January, February and March 2020.”

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Please call  Lee from Calles Financial at 954-270-7966, Your Insurance Consultant  about Home Insurance, Auto, Flood, Private Flood, Car, Life Insurance & Financial Products, Business  & Commercial Policies, and Group Products for business owners to give Employees benefits at no cost to the employer

As a board member of the MAAC committee in Florida for Citizens Insurance, I can conform this for sure. On top of all of the other carriers also trying to reduce exposure and cut the middle markets, where will people go to get Insurance coverage especially here in S. Florida. I work with Chaisteli Insurance for Property Coverage and together we  can offer help and be sure you understand all options.


Florida’s insurer of last resort Citizens Property Insurance Corporation will make shrinking its policyholder count a priority next year, despite potential headwinds that may come from Florida domestic carriers raising rates and restricting coverage.

Prompted by a request from Florida State Senator Jeff Brandes, the company announced at its December Board of Governors meeting that it will again seek input from independent evaluators to determine if there are exposure reduction or depopulation opportunities that can be identified for Citizens to further reduce its overall exposure and financial impact on the state.

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The ads were out before the storm hit so be careful. Please remember to call me at The Acentria office at 954-351-1960. We also provide free quotes on Home Insurance, Auto, Flood, Private Flood, Car, Business & Commercial and Life, group and Health Insurance  products.

As Florida residents return home after being evacuated by Hurricane Irma, the pressure is on the insurance industry to keep a bad situation regarding assignment of benefits abuse in the state from getting worse.

Florida regulators, carriers, industry trade groups and lawmakers are all echoing the same advice to policyholders: now’s the time to contact your agent or insurer and file claims.

“CFO Jimmy Patronis and Insurance Commissioner David Altmaier encourage Floridians to be prompt in notifying their insurance companies and cautious of repair deals that sound too good to be true,” the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation alerted consumers in a statement released Tuesday.

While Florida was spared the worst-case scenario by Hurricane Irma in terms of the storm’s strength, the state still suffered significant damage from wind and coastal flooding. Agents and carriers are just starting to deploy resources to affected areas, and stakeholders say timing will be of the essence as “bad actors” will be on the prowl for homeowners willing to assign to them the right to obtain insurance benefits to deal with damage to their homes.

“All consumers need to be on alert as they recover from Irma for fraudulent schemes and assignment of benefit scams so they don’t unknowingly sign away their rights,” said Chris Gardner, chairman of Citizens board of governors. “If unsure, agents are prepared to advise you and guide you through the claims process.”

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The House finally did what was needed last week which was the extension of the FEMA and NFIP Flood programs till 11/18/2011. I am doubtful they will agree and will most likely have to vote to extend this again, but maybe, just maybe we will get lucky and the Legislators in Washington D.C.  will do the correct thing and fix the problem w/ a 5 year plan. Please call L & S Insurance for all of your Home, Auto, Flood, Business & Commercial quotes and Life & Health Insurance as well.  We cover Fort Lauderdale, S. Florida and all of Florida and please enjoy the article below;

All Insurance companies are worrried about rates of interest and rates of return that will affect their portfolio’s and could cause more rate hike’s if this happens. Since a deal was made last night, if the Vot goes well in favor in both houses, then  we do not have to worry, but good reading if so desire. This will be dealt with by our president and both houses today and tomorrow if necessary.By the  way, here comes Tropical storm and soon to be Hurricane Emily which will be the first Hurricane threat to S. Florida and the USA.Please read the full article and see how this affects  Fort lauderdale, S. Florida and all of Florida Home Insurance issues. Please call L & S for all of your Insurance quotes like Home, Auto, Business and commercial, Flood and Life Insurance as well.

A Virginia Judge is looking to make life dificult for the President and now will likely tak this to the supreme Court?

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