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Insurers, reinsurers and ILS investors could face significant losses from Hurricane Michael, a major Category 4 storm that began its assault on the Florida Panhandle Wednesday, according to a briefing from A.M. Best.

Best said although Florida’s insurance market-share leaders possess strong levels of risk-adjusted capitalization that should provide a buffer against Hurricane Michael losses, there will still be an impact for insurers writing in the state, according to a new A.M. Best briefing.

Furthermore, while nearly all A.M. Best-rated Florida property companies have substantial property catastrophe premium, some have strategically limited their exposures in the panhandle, and therefore are not significantly exposed to this hurricane.

“However, the question of how the state’s relatively new, Florida-specific insurers might withstand the impact of substantial insurable losses caused by Hurricane Michael remains,” Best noted. “In addition, depending on the storm’s intensity after making landfall, the potential for insurable losses could put some pressure on reinsurers. The actual impact of the hurricane will depend on a number of yet undetermined factors, but A.M. Best believes that most of the affected rated carriers have sufficient capital and appropriate reinsurance programs to withstand this event effectively.”

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For South Florida homeowners, 2017 already figured to be a year of steep property insurance rate increases.

For customers of two insurance companies, state regulators have made those increases even steeper than the companies sought.

Why? State regulators say high costs stemming from excessive claims in the tricounty region requires the companies to charge customers more money than they would prefer.

The state “has an obligation to approve rates that are [financially] sound — which may be more or less than what a company requests,” said Sha’Ron James, the state’s Insurance Consumer Advocate, who did not participate in the rate decisions.

Two companies — Deerfield Beach-based People’s Trust Insurance and Tampa-based Homeowners Choice Property & Casualty — this week received approval for larger rate increases than they requested.

People’s Trust, with 54,267 home- and condo-owner policies in the tricounty region and 129,365 statewide as of Dec. 31, sought a 14.5-percent statewide average rate hike and instead got a 16-percent hike.

Homeowners Choice, with 53,040 home- and condo-owner policies in the tricounty area and 130,041 statewide at the end of the year, sought a 3.3-percent statewide average increase and instead got an 8-percent hike.

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Florida Insurer Launches Company Offering Admitted, Standalone Flood Coverage

Paresh Patel, HCI Group chairman and CEO, said the timing is right to start the company, which he says is the first licensed flood insurer in Florida.

“As we are getting more expansive in our offering of flood policies it made sense to put it in a separate vehicle,” Patel said. “Because of the technology and the way TypTap works, it’s a different way of doing things than in the past.”

Patel said the coverage is sold through agents on the TypTap website. The online purchase process has been simplified through TypTap’s backend technology and only requires potential customers to answer three questions, then pick an agent from a dropdown menu to finish the policy purchasing process.

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The latest approvals include:

  • American Colonial Insurance Co. – approved to remove up to 5,441 personal residential policies, all from the Personal Lines Account (PLA).
  • Anchor Property & Casualty Insurance Co. – approved to remove up to 30,000 personal residential policies (25,007 PLA and 4,993 from the Coastal Account (CA))
  • Heritage Property & Casualty Insurance Co. – approved to remove up to 20,000 personal residential policies (17,326 PLA/2,674 CA) and up to 500 commercial residential policies (472 Commercial Lines Account (CLA) and 28 CA)
  • Homeowners Choice Property & Casualty Insurance Co. – approved to remove up to 50,000 personal residential policies (17,500 PLA/32,500 CA)
  • Mount Beacon Insurance Co. – approved to remove up to 27,000 personal residential (11,000 PLA/16,000 CA)


The parent company of one of Florida’s largest home insurers has entered into a non-binding deal to purchase another state-based insurer in a move that could affect 21,500 state policyholders.

HCI Group Inc. announced it will acquire Prepared Holdings LLC  and its subsidiary Prepared Insurance Co.

HCI Group is the parent company of the Tampa, Florida-based Homeowners Choice Property & Casualty Insurance Co.

The Tampa, Florida-based Prepared Insurance provides coverage to 21,500 policyholders, representing $48 million in annual premiums. The letter of intent sets the purchase price at $27 million less any monies owe under certain notes and other expenses.

The letter of intent also spells out other provisions of the deal, which have yet to be negotiated. Additionally, the deal is contingent on approval by the state’s Office of Insurance Regulation.

Homeowners Choice had 163,000 policyholders as of January 1, making it the seventh largest homeowners’ insurer in Florida.

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The OIR in Tallahassee was trying to shut down Homewise Insurance company because of  the financial status of the company and thank god Homeowner’s Choice(HCI) came to save the day for the clients of Homewise and the agents that represent them like L & S.Our 250 clients with this carrier will now be relatively safe from the issues that come when a company normally shut down. Of course some people will still get non renewed and the rates will be adjusted at renewal time, but anything is better than searching for insurance in a rush and trying to get new inspections or whatever else is needed.Most would have ended up in Citizens which is not good for most and it is not what our governor wants either.  HCI is a fine company and this will double their size and financial stability without growing the expense side. This will be a win win scenario for Fort.  Lauderdale and all over S. Florida. Please read the full story below and remember to call L & S Insurance for all of your home, Auito, Flood, business & Commercial and even Life insurance quotes.


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