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Two bills seeking to change the way Florida surplus lines business is handled are currently working their way through the Florida State Legislature and advocates say the potential laws could bring much needed efficiency to the state’s surplus lines market.

The bills – Senate 538 and House Bill 387 – propose small changes with potentially large effects on Florida surplus lines agents. The bills were introduced by Senator Jeff Brandes, R- St. Petersburg, and Representative Colleen Burton, R-Florida, respectively.

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The Florida Senate on Friday voted 22-16 for a property insurance bill that could result in homeowners seeking coverage from Citizens to be shifted to a private surplus line insurance company. Surplus line companies are not subjected to the same regulations as companies based in the state.

Several senators objected to the legislation, including Republicans who live in areas with heavy concentrations of customers with the state-created Citizens.

“We have insurance regulation in the state of Florida for a good reason,” said Sen. Jeff Clemens, D-Lake Worth. “It’s to make sure consumers in Florida aren’t being taking advantage of.”

The Senate bill (SB 1672) would add surplus line insurers to those insurers that could be offered business through the clearinghouse starting in January.

Sen. David Simmons, R-Altamonte Springs, defended the bill and said it would give homeowners another choice for coverage. He said homeowners would be told ahead of time that the surplus line insurers are not regulated the same way as other insurers.

Simmons added that homeowners would also be allowed to move back to Citizens after receiving coverage from the surplus line insurer. He also noted some Floridians already insure their homes with these type of insurers.

Fort Lauderdale customers are among those that could be affected by this as well as Tampa residents in the Sinkhole areas. Please call L & S Insurance at 1-888-244-7400 for quotes on Home, Auto, Flood, Business & Commercial, and Life & financial products as well. Please enjoy the full article below.


Private flood is working and Lloyds is the backer. This is considered Surplus lines so it is not guaranteed by our government, but it is by Lloyds of London and they have plenty of money. For all of those getting these high rates, please call us and we will shop out your Flood policy and other policies as well. The rates in Fort Lauderdale, Miami Tampa, Tarpon Springs and other Key areas here in Florida. There is still a bill passing through the Legislators in Florida which should allow the program to expand as well. Please call L & S at 1-888-244-7400 for quotes on Home, Auto, Flood, Business & Commercial, & Life & Financial products as well. Please enjoy the full article below.


Chilean Earthquakes and The gulf Oil spill are to blame, but who will pay for this really?? Not BP, but the consumer’s(us) as Insurance rates on all products including Home Insurance here in Florida that is reinsured  by Lloyd’s and other reinsurer’s as well will simply raise rates to cover their losses.Go figure, but we always have to pay  it is just a question of how the cost get’s to us and because we share it all equally(not), it is esasily shared this way. Sorry for the bad news, but this does mean that  Property Insurance rates will be on the rise next year significantly! The OIR  and the Insurance commissioner will have to approve the rates since they are just being passed on. Please read the article on Lloyds profit’s and losses;