Paige St John(Bradenton herald)

This article by Paige St John of the Bradenton Herald just confirms what we have been seeing and hearing. Governor Rick Scott has signed Floridians up for major rate Home Insurance rate  hikes and Senator Fasano has been  fighting a loosing battle to try and stop this or slow it down. All we wait for now is the Citizens Insurance bill. If this happens then the Insurance companies will be  making tons of money. If the bill is not passed then Citizens Insurance  could double in size next year as they may be the best priced company which is scary to have a company run by the State and backed by the Florida tax payer’s be the cheapest in the Florida market place. This makes no sense to me, but neither does the Governor and what he is trying to do??? Please call L & S  Insurance for Home, Flood, Auto, Commercial and Life Insurance quotes and please read the article below;

Whoever wants to be in Citizens Insurance should read this first. Many have no chaice and many have choices that they do not take or do not know about?  How could this be you ask???  Well, Florida law states that the agent only needs to tell the client about the products they have to sell and not what may be available in the marketplace otherwise. An MD could go to jail for this, but not Insurance agents. When you consider that some agents only sell Citizens and therefore cannot give a client a true scenario of what options exist you can see that our system is questionable at best. As an example State Farm agents only sell State Farm products and Citizens Insurance in Florida. They can only quote Citizens by State Farm policy  and heaven forbid this company goes away as our new Governor Rick Scott seems to want to do, our Insurance industry would be  more of a disaster then it already is. Please read this article by Senator JD Alexander in a response to Paige St. John’s article on Citizens and please remember to contact L & S Insurance on thisBLOG page for all your Insurance quotes;

Here we go w/ the last minute posturing!!! Senator Fasano sent a letter to Governor Rick Scott and Senate President Mike Haridopolous   asking this process be holted and  and a full hearing should take place to determine what really should happen. Apparantly Governor  Rick Scott also wants to eliminate Citizens in 4 years or so and force every one back into private carriers which would include Surplus lines. These are not state of Florida  guaranteed and could leave thousands out to dry in   hurricane or disaster just like what happened at Hurricane Adrew in Homestead in 1992. As if this was not enough Governor Scott and Senator JD Alexander  also wants to change the name of Citzens to  “Taxpayer Funded Property Insurance program” so everyone understands who really pays the bills! This bill is spoonsored by Senator Alan Hays and you have to wonder what they are all thinking about up there. Rates have to go up, that seems apparant, but the other things they are trying to do it is no wonder that the big Insurance carriers do not want to be here like State Farm and Allstate as we have this type of congress trying to do such weird things like this.What a welcome to Hurricane season w/ any news like this. Please call L & S Insurance for all your Insurance quotes and please enjoy the article  from Tampa and the Sarasota Herald Tribune.

With Millions of dollares in their hands(Insurance companies) should we have public knowledge to protect our selves here in Florida. Where does this money go as they all say they are having financial issues. This is one of the reasons for this  sweeping Home  Insurance reform bill is for  the Insurance comapnies get fiscally healthy and new Insurance companies are attracted to coming into or back to Florida. Our Republican Senate seems to feeel this is confidential info, but when they take millions out  to the MGA’s for profiteering and then pleade poverty, I for one have issues with it. As you read the article by Paige St. John about our Leislators in Tall and how they are trying to protect The big Business scenarios at the expense of the Florida Insurance consumer. Only Citizens Insurance is public and we all know they are in financial trouble and this is why rates will be jumping soon so be ready now for Hurricane season and call L & S Insurance for a Home Insurance or auto quote.

With annual Home Insurance  price increases to try and become financially solvent, Governor  Rick Scott and  Senator Alan Hays are getting what they want for  Floridians that have Citizens Insurance. Higer prices,less coverage and people with higher limits of coverage ebing told over the next 3-5 years to go elsewhere. As if this was not enough they are also going to reduce the coverage’s in the policy and even tell public Adjustors they cannot file a lawsuit against Citizens so if you are not happy w/ a claim, you are stuck it seems!!!  Now this is showing how you are for the people????  This looks like the Governor and his new CFO are trying to tell people they should leave Florida or pay the premium! What a  joke as all carriers are also raising their rates and so most are struggling to afford the premiums they now have to pay. Please read the full article from Paige St. John and the Bradenton Herald. Please call L & S Insurance for all your Insurance needs;

State Farm execs are no dummies. When they negotiated w/ the State of Florida several years ago and said they were leaving, did they really mean it. They are dropping 125K people in Florida and the premiums they are now  charging are higher than the total before they started cancelling. As if this was not enough, they also invested in a  Re-Insurance company called DaVinci RE in the Bahamas, of course, and they invested 350 million dollars w/ other investors. They now charge very high premiums to other  Florida based Insurance carriers to protect them from Hurricane losses that have not occured to date since Hurricane Wilma. The price they charge dramatically affects what the consumer’s are being charged as premiums which are up 30-60% on average. How can the Legislators in Tall. let this happen and say how disappointed they are w/ State Farm while letting them rape the system. Our new Governor and people in Tallahassee should do something about this to protect Floridians form loosing homes because of Insurnce rates. I guess our New Governor Rick Scott is looking to protect the big Insurer’s and not the ones struggling to survive here in Florida. Please read the article by Paige St. John of the Bradenton herald in Central Florida;