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At WeInsure, since we carry National General, we will soon also be able to sell Allstate policies!!!!!

U.S. Insurer Allstate Corp. said on Tuesday it will buy National General Holdings Corp. for about $4 billion in cash, scaling up its auto insurance business at a time when the coronavirus has crushed traffic on roads and reduced claims.

National General’s shareholders will receive $32 per share in cash and closing dividends of $2.50 per share for each share held. This would imply a total deal value of $3.92 billion and a premium of about 69% to National General’s Tuesday close, Reuters calculations showed.

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Please call  Lee from  USAsurance  & Calle Financial. 954-270-7966, Your Insurance Consultant  about Home Insurance, Auto, Flood, Private Flood, Car, Life Insurance & Financial Products, Business  & Commercial Policies, and Group Products for business owners to give Employees benefits at no cost to the employer.

Within the past few months, experts in all industries have analyzed the ways the coronavirus pandemic will affect their business environments. Insurance is no different.

As the pandemic’s impact on the insurance market gradually unravels, experts can turn to various indicators to determine how much the industry has been affected thus far.

Consider USI Insurance Services’ recently released “Q2-2020 Commercial Property & Casualty Insurance Market Outlook Report,” which highlights key industry trends amidst ongoing COVID-19 challenges.

“While it is too soon to determine the full impact of COVID-19 on the property & casualty insurance industry, markets are facing unique and interrelated challenges that industry insiders feel will continue through 2020 and well into 2021,” Robert Meyers, senior vice president, property & casualty leader at USI, said in the report. ”In fact, as rate increases, capacity reductions, and other negative trends continue to harden the market, the industry faces a number of challenges and uncertainties resulting from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The property, umbrella/excess liability, casualty, and directors & officers (D&O) liability markets are currently dealing with the most significant issues.”

Among USI’s findings is the reveal that all segments of the property sector are experiencing higher rates, capacity restrictions/limitations, and other challenges resulting from excessive underwriting submissions, virus claims and lawsuits, and more.

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Please call  Lee from  USAsurance  & Calle Financial. 954-270-7966, Your Insurance Consultant  about Home Insurance, Auto, Flood, Private Flood, Car, Life Insurance & Financial Products, Business  & Commercial Policies, and Group Products for business owners to give Employees benefits at no cost to the employer.

Insurers are opposing the consolidation of more than 100 federal lawsuits filed by companies arguing that they should receive business interruption coverage stemming from COVID-19 shutdowns.

The insurance industry has filed more than 24 briefs opposing multidistrict litigation, following in the footsteps of arguments posed in a brief by two Chubb affiliates that stated consolidation would complicate and prolong the litigation, according to Reuters. The insurers were joined by plaintiffs’ firms, some with MDL experience, who also don’t want their cases moved to a nationwide, multidefendant proceeding.

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Who ever says you do not need Flood Insurance in Florida, you are wrong. It may never happen to you, but if it does, for less that $400 each year, you can be covered if it is not required because you are in Zone X!!! Please call L & S Insurance at 1-888-244-7400 for quotes on Home, Flood, Private Flood, Auto, Business & Commercial, & Life & Financial products as well. PLease enjoy the full article below!

Pasco County, Florida officials have learned that flooding this past summer could end up costing the county more than $107 million in repairs.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that the county’s Public Works Manager DiAnna Rawleigh told county commissioners Tuesday in New Port Richey that hundreds of roads are in need of repairs.


Four of the top eight cities most vulnerable to a major storm surge are located in Florida, according to a new report released by Karen Clark & Company (KCC).

The 2015 “Most Vulnerable U.S. Cities to Storm Surge Flooding” study released by the company in August names Tampa as the most vulnerable U.S. city with loss estimates of $175 billion to residential, commercial and industrial properties in the event of a 100 year hurricane. Miami came in at no. 4 with estimated losses of $80 billion; Fort Myers came in at no. 5 with estimated losses of $70 billion; and Sarasota came in at no. 7 with losses

“While much attention has been focused on New York and New Orleans, the Tampa/St. Petersburg metropolitan area is the most vulnerable to large losses from storm surge flooding,” the report states. “This is due to unique coastline features, local bathymetry, and the low coastal elevations.”

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Watch out Fort Lauderdale and Broward county. With 250K people now with no flood coverage,  Murphy’s law is likely so be careful!!!

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A summer deluge has flooded streets in the Tampa Bay area, forcing some road closings and evacuations, delaying airline flights and overtaxing parts of local wastewater treatment systems.

Major intersections were closed Monday near downtown Tampa, snarling traffic throughout the region. At Tampa International Airport, 161 outgoing and incoming flights were delayed in the morning due to rains and wind shear.

Even theme park Busch Gardens closed for the day because of inclement weather.

Pasco County was among the hardest hit areas. Emergency management officials reported $1 million in damage from weekend flooding, and county leaders said one river could reach record-levels by late Monday afternoon.

National Weather Service officials were checking on whether the rainfall may have broken records in some places.

They said that as of about 10:30 a.m., about 3.78 inches were reported at Tampa’s airport during a 12 hour period. Palm Harbor, a suburb in Pinellas County northwest of Tampa, received 7 inches of rain. There, sheriff’s deputies used boats to pull residents out of a swamped RV park and golf courses were inundated. Shelters opened for residents who were evacuated.


Not to surprising are clients who did not know the house they were in was a flood hazard!! No one knew, but the information was there, but we only know what we are told. That is true for most people, so people now paying 15K for Flood Insurance and were paying $1200 what are they to do. This would have been a big decision to make when they bought the house, but if they did not know and were not told then the issue of full disclosure will be a reason to sue. Tampa and in particular Tarpon Springs in the Pinellas area are the worst in the country and nearly 15% of the population will be hit real hard. Time will tell, but please read the full story in the Tampa Bay Times and sent to me from Attorney David Weiss. Please call L & S Insurance at 1-888-2434-7400 for quotes on Home, Auto, Flood, Business & Commercial, and Life Insurance & Financial products as well.


After reading this, you would never want to be with Citizens Insurance in Fort lauderdale or anywhere in Florida as they treat customer’s terribly and have no reason to resolve cases in the best interest of anyone but Citizens. They have no one to prove anything to as they don’t want your business and if you went elsewhere they are ok w/ that. Only price brings people to Citizens and then they have to deal w/ things like this, but they never listen when we advise clients that  things like this are real and this is not what they will want to deal with when claims occur. Tampa Bay on line wrote this great article about Citizens and how you cannot even sue Citizens if you are unhappy w/ claims and Public adjustors no longer have an interest in dealing w/ them as the rates they can collect are maxed out at 10% now. Wouldn’t you want to be w/ a carrier that cares and is trying to keep your business in this terrible environment we have here in Fort  Lauderdale, S. Florida and all of Florida. Governor Rick Scott is telling everyone to get out of Citizens and this is just another reason why the idea is a good one if you can. Please read the entire article  by Doug Smith the Fox reporter w/ the story. Please call L & S Insurance for all of your home, Auto, Business and Commercial, Flood and even Life Insurance as well.


9/15/2011  is the date and it will be in Tampa at the Convention Center and not in Tall. this time. Since Tampa and it’s 3  counties(Hillsboro, Pasco and Pinellas) in the area are all very much affected this is a good place to have the meetings. Senator Mike Fasano is very outspoken that this increase cannnot be handled by the consumer’s, but the fact that claims for sinkhole are 10 times what is coming in does not help the situation. All of this is occuring during hurricane season when Home Insurance is the most dificult to shop for and of couse the Citizens Rate hike suggested on top of all of this is now a 25% state wide average increase(No one is talking about this change????). The 25% is what will affect Fort lauderdale  and S. Florida the most as that could mean as much as 40% or more on the 1/1/2012  renewals.Several groups will be holding public protests and the more that show up, the better the chance of having this huge increase spread out over several years instead of all at once. Please call us at  L & S Insurance for all of your Home, Auto, Business and Commercial coverage’s as well as Flood and Life Insurance. PLease read the article and ask other’s to visit my Blog page for more info and quotes;


Please read from the St Pete Times and the Tampa Bay.com paper as to why Home Insurance rates are on the rise. These are all things I have been talking about for many months now and reality for many is starting to kick in. Now w/ Hurricane season here and starting today we do not know what to expect. The 5 reasons are Natural Disasters around the world and the cost of reinsurance,The new Hurricane season model for a bad season, Friendly Regulators and Tallahassee Politicians who want the Insurance comapnies healthy w/ no concern for the people of Florida,Citizens Insurance rate hikes still to come and of course sink hole claims and public adjustor issues.There seems to be no hope in price reductions for at least a few years and there is so much that can go wrong it is only yet to be seen where the real errors will be. Please read the article below and remember to contact L & S Insurance for your Home, Auto, Flood, Business and commercial policies as well as Life Insurance.


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