The only good news here is that the policies will continue until the anniversary and then non renew! This Insurer was put under watch by the Florida OIR  nearly 2  years ago, but has maintained itself as best it can. Over 4K policies were dropped over the last 12  months to try and help, but the financials they have are not good enough to stay in  business.Most of these people will have to go to Citizens Insurance which is where they came from, but we hope for abetter scenario if the hurricane season is not so bad. Argus is owned by United Auto and this should not affect that carrier, but we will see soon enough. Please call L & S Insurance for help w/ this matter and we will move all of our remaining clients at the non renewal date which should not occur for L & S till after Hurricane season which is coming real soon. Please read the full article by Julie Patel of the Sun Sentinal;