Just like in Wahington, they cannot agree and there are so many variations to this bill  that little may happen this year. To me, this means that they do not want to go to work for the people of Florida and try to help the situation. Prices of Insurance are so high, many are loosing their homes because of insurance premiums and not from not  paying the mortgage.  Senator A. Hays and Governor Rick scott had best do something to try and help the people of Florida and especially those in Fort Lauderdale and all of South Florida where the rates are going out of control and will continue to get worse. Those legislators in Tall. need to do more work for us than stand party lines!!!   Please call L & S Insurance at 1-888-244-7400 for quotes on Home, Auto, Flood, Business & Commercial and Life Insurance as well. Please read the full article below from the Insurance Journal today 4/19/13


All companies have this, but this is a State run entity, not even an Insurance company. Why are they traveling so far and so  extravagantly? Why are things going on like there is no supervision(Employee scams), because this is Citizens and this is how they have been and will continue until management really takes over and they stop working like the government entity they are. People like to complain, and some have no options for sure, but most can get out if they try. The agents they have do not have the carriers and they do not have the liability exposure to be forced to do the wright thing so they only try to get more business and say what is necessary to do so. Until this entire system is fixed then everything done is a bandaid  of which I have spoken often. In Fort lauderdale and all of S. Florida, or rates have jumped 50% or more in the last 2 years since Governor Rick Scott came to office and he did promise this would happen. Please read the full article about lot’s more Fraud here in Florida. Please call L & S Insurance at 1-888-244-7400 for quotes on Home, Auto, Flood, Business & Commercial and Life Insurance as well.


The HO8 policy is a stripped down version of an HO3 regular Home Insurance policy. Citizens HO3 is already stripped down so the only 2 things to remove is coverage for water claims and relacement cost on the contents. Regulators with the Florida OIR want these options available, but the rates would be so close to the HO 3 why bother and now more would be attracted to Citizens instead of having them look  elsewhere which is the goal. Jeff Grady of the FAIA seems very disappointed with this new policy and the issues as it is “another good idea gone bad.” If the regulators would simply let Citizens determine their own rates to be actuarily sound, they would be much higher.This is what barry Gilway of citizens and Governor Rick scott want anyway. Then the HO8 option would see better for some, but the ones who want to shop will find themselves saving money because the rate Hikes would be 25% or more annually. In Fort Lauderdale this means up to 50% in some areas and then everyone will want to shop and depopulation will be much easier as well. My agency would not want to sell the HO8 policy as it has no water claim coverage and it seems that most claims we see come from water issues with older pipes. I do not like finding myself in court with clients that forget this point and when a claim occurs all they want to do is sue me so I avaoid the issue. Please call L & S Insurance at 1-888-244-7400 for quotes on Home, Auto, Flood, business & Commercial and life Insurance as well and please enjoy the full article below;


Julie Patel and Paul Owers of the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinal confirm the news! It is not like this bill would really help shrink Citizens as only 1 carrier(Geovera) came up to the plate to take out 35-50K policies which is minimal numbers to the 1.5 million currently in Citizens today! What Governor Rick Scott, Insurance commissioner Kevin McCarty and CFO Jeff Atwater should be doing with the current Legislature is a new Citizens bill that did not make it to the floor last year and never even discussed this year. Why does this happen and there is only 1 answer, politics and votes. No one will vote to re-elect a Senator, Congressman,or Governor, when they vote to do what is necessary like raising rates on Citizens to be the Insurer of last resort again and that is how it should stay. Governor Christ changed that situation to be a competitive company  and until it changes back, the issues in Florida will not get resolved. Please contatc  L & S Insurance at 1-888-244-7400  for quotes on HOme, Auto, Car Insurance, Business and commercial, Flood, and even Life Insurance quotes. This article was sent to us by our Friends at First State Insurance. Please read the full article below.



Many do not like this because the carriers are not backed by the FIGA fund and would not  be protected if a Hurricane hits Fort Laud. or anywhere in Florida and  went out of business. Just imagine the legal issues the State of Florida would have, but our Governor Rick Scott wants to depopulate Citizens Insurance any way he can. Please read the article from the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinal.Please call L & S for all of your Home, Auto, Business & Commercial, Flood and even Life Insurance quotes.


How do you like being w/ an Insurer who says go away, I do not want you anymore. This is like a bad Girlfriend and will hurt. My prior posts will explain what Citizens is trying to do until Legislative change occurs in 2012. By order of  Governor Rick Scott and CFO Jeff Atwater, Citizens is doing everything they can to make your experience a bad one and to raise prices as well and any way they can including new Mitigation  Inspections to raise additional premiums. Private Insurer’s need to come back to the marketplace and depopulations will need to get back into high gear to make this happen. Citizens has nearly 1.5 Million policy holders and they want this reduced by 50% or more soon. Hurricane season is just around the corner so the activity is hot and heavy while the Legislators in Tallahassee & are in session to make this happen and quickly. Please call L & S Insurance for all of your Home, Auto, Flood, Business & Commercial, and even Life Insurance coverage.


Senator Garrett Richter(R) and Senator Mike  Fasano(R) in Tallahassee want to depopulate Citizens Home Insurance  no matter who will suffer. I am personally not opposed to this bill, but people who get taken out will not have the same protection as they would in Citzens. If they would simply vote as they should to raise Citizens rates to what they should be, this would not be necessary. With propor rates, many would leave Citizens   to get better rates w/ Private insurer’s  who are quite often higher than Citizens, especially in Fort Lauderdale. Voting to raise rates is not politicalkly correct to get re-elected so this is a  way out till more problems occur. Please  read the article by” The Current” political paper and please remember to call  L & S Insurance for all of your Insurance quotes for Home, Auto, Flood, Business and Commercial, and  even Life Insurance.


GeoVera is the company that wants 50K policies and it looks like if they meet certain guidelines by the State of Florida this will happen. 50K is not enough, but that will open the door for mare carriers to do the same. The protection does not come from the State of Florida and people will not have a choice to go back to Citizens either.The prices may even be higher, but Citizens does not seem to care so this could happen soon. This would be another Non legislative way for Citizens to get rid of clients as fast as they can. Legislators will never vote to do what  is needed because they want to get re-elected and they  are very shortsighted, but I am with the Governor on this one. Anything to make Citizens a non competitive company w/ prices and coverage’s that are not something anyone would want unless they truly have no options. Please enjoy the entire article and please call L & S Insurance for all of your Home, Auto, Flood, Business & Commercial and even LIfe Insurance policies for Fort Lauderdal and all of Florida.