The Senate this week unanimously passed the bill (SB 542) sponsored by Sen. Jeff Brandes, a Republican from St. Petersburg. It heads to the Florida House where a similar bill is moving.

Florida is home to 37 percent of the federal policies and state officials say congressional attempts to overhaul the troubled program burdened many Floridians with skyrocketing premiums. Congress just recently rolled back some of the increases it permitted in 2012.

It’s not clear, though, that many private insurers will want to assume the risks of flooding.


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There are many questions and still more to come as the bill submitted by Senator Jeff Brandes of St. Pete is now underway. What will the rates be, how will we pay for claims if they are in excess of what comes in and will the Government try to use Surplus lines carriers??? There is still the question as to weather this is even possible to do without FEMA. The Legislative session will begin in March and till then a lot of discussion will be forthcoming between many parties to see if the bill can hit the floor. The Biggert-Water’s bill may still be repealed as well, but about 268K of Florida Homeowners from Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and the Tampa areas primarily, could be dramatically affected by the bill if it is not repealed and this could help that scenario. If Florida does nothing and the Biggert -Waters Flood bill is not repealed, the Florida Real; Estate Market will be in total disarray with more homes listed and no possible buyer’s because of the Flood Insurance rates. Time will tell, but please call L & S Insurance at 1-888-244-7400 for quotes on Home, Auto, Flood, Business & Commercial, and Life Insurance products as well. Please enjoy the full article below;