In an article in Property & Casualty 360 you can read on all of the excuses justifying the new pay raises. It is nice to be on top even though they say, they need to pay more to get the best help in underwriting and claims. You can judge for yourself, but know that after all the dust settles, we will soon see a new Citizens and/or Property Insurance bill pass in Tallahassee and rates will go up more significantly again later this year and next. That to me is the Big Issue as who is really looking out for the consumer. Governor Rick Scott has some good sound bites about Citizens Insurance, but they are doing exactly what he wanted them to do and at lightening speed since Barry Gilway is only in his position for 8 months. Fort Lauderdale and South Florida will be hit the hardest, but time will tell. Please  enjoy the full article below and please call L & S Insurance at 1-888-244-7400 for quotes on Home, Auto, Flood, Business & Commercial and Life Insurance as well.