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What is MAAC-Market accountability Advisory Committee. This is a committee of 9 people appointed from various associations in Florida including FAR and FAMB. What Citizens Insurance is doing, should be doing and how to improve what Citizens does is our role. We make recommendations to the actual board of Directors of citizens of which there are also 9 people, but they are appointed by the house, senate, Governor and others who have final say as to Citizens policy including rates. Since I have only attended my first meeting on 12/12/17, my information will grow over time. What I have learned and soon more will is that Citizens is changing and it looks for the better for the consumer. Training on programs like the new managed repair program & AOB are now mandatory for all appointed agents and not doing required training will mean you cannot do business with Citizens. Also, some agents intentionally misquote policies in several ways which can hurt a consumer and make the shopping for Insurance process more complicated, this will soon be rectified as a warning system which can take away the ability to do business with Citizens. These are all steps in the correct path and need to be expedited as more is coming. For Homeowners who currently have homes built from 1979-1994, you may have Poly Pipes in your home which Citizens has been accepting if the home is 30 years or less in age. That program will cease by the spring of 2018 which will make the sale and purchase of those homes more complicated. Lastly was the topic of reinsurance. This is very complicated, but Critical for Florida as most of our Florida based Carriers do not have the money to pay for a Hurricane Irma , Andrew or Wilma and reinsurance picks up the tab. This cost is currently about 60% of your total premium so it is huge. The carriers will now be required to keep more reinsurance and the new assumption could be ,” what if Irma hit Dade county and came up through the middle of the state, what would be the financial impact”. Understanding this and knowing that not only will each carrier need more reinsurance, but the costs are also increasing after the last 2 years, means that Home Insurance rates will also be rising and it could be very significant. It is so important for every Homeowner to shop Insurance rates each year to find the best coverage you can at the best rate and in that order. if you do not have the correct coverage then your claim will not be paid properly. I know the costs are sometimes high and tough, but remember that if you cannot afford the premium, you cannot afford the claim if it happens to you. Please be smart, and safe and feel free to contact me with any questions.


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