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A licensed Miami insurance agent has been arrested after she allegedly obtained and transferred more than 300 homeowner insurance policies without homeowners’ knowledge or consent and pocketed nearly $476,000 from the policy premium differences in this scheme, according to a statement from Florida Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis.

Claudia Odila Romoleroux, owner of RND Insurance Corporation, is accused of fraudulently obtaining more than $877,000 in premiums for 307 homeowners policies.

Romoleroux’s alleged scheme including supplying mortgage companies with fraudulent documents and requesting the homeowners’ escrow money be sent to her business account to pay for new policies. Unbeknownst to these homeowners, Romoleroux allegedly used a portion of that money to pay for cheaper policies with inadequate coverage. Through this alleged fraud impacting homeowners and leaving them vulnerable, Romoleroux pocketed nearly $476,000.

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