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Surfside: The collapse of the Champlain Towers South condominium building that claimed the lives of 98 people garnered national media attention. In our conversations with House and Senate leadership, it’s our understanding that wholesale reform is unlikely this session. Instead, it looks like mandatory building inspection intervals with reporting to owners, tenants and prospective buyers, plus transparency regarding those reports – via such mechanisms as a database of building inspection reports — will be increased. Another proposal is raising the threshold for condominium boards and owners voting to waive reserve requirements. 

Insurance: There are a number of insurance related priorities on the table.

  • Auto: In the auto insurance space, after the Governor vetoed the PIP reform bill passed during the 2021 session, there seems to be little leadership initiative in this arena. With bill filing deadlines fast approaching on January 11, no PIP repealer bill has been filed; however, without leadership engagement it will have a hard time gaining momentum. 
  • Property: We anticipate another battle between the industry and the trial bar on a number of changes that would attempt to slow premium increases and the explosion in state-backed Citizens property insurance policy counts, including narrowing eligibility criteria for Citizens policies, expanding takeout options, limiting reimbursement for roof claims to actual cash value (“ACV”); and restricting the use of the contingency fee multiplier to rare and unusual cases. Senator Boyd has filed a property insurance package to tackle some of these issues but no House proposal has surfaced yet.
  • Health: Big Pharma, doctors and independent pharmacists have filed a slew of bills primarily aimed at forcing insurers to pay more for their services. Issues include PBM reforms, White Bagging, 340B reimbursements, Transparency, prior authorization, step therapy, prompt pay, mandated benefits, cap-the-copay, and retroactive claim denial. 
  • Guaranty Funds: FWCIGA and FIGA are advocating for a bill that provides better clarity on timing of assessments and collection of data.