September 2009

Property Insurance companies even w/ less revenue must become better at technology to keep up. While predicting decreases in revenue they still have to increase in this area. Please read the full story below;

Please read the entire article here;Please check all of your Home Insuarnce coverage’s with the customer service dept. of your Insurance agency.

80 % of those people had no dflood Insurance and are not in a good way financially now as well as dealing with the issue of not having a home. Flood Insurance, Home Insurance and other types of policies are so Important to have. This is to make sure that it is not will you get paid, but by whom.Please read the entire story below;


The United States and Florida are unprepared to deal with the largest of disaster’s financially.They are looking to persue a national plan to deal with major Hurricanes, Tornado’s,Floods,Earthquakes and more. The Insurance companies are on board and a strong undertaking is underway. This will help save money for Home Insurance especially in Florida if this ever really happen’s. Please read the full story below.

December 1st this year, State Farm will remove discounts from the Home Insurance policies at an average of 27%. AAA is helping people calculate that cost to avaoid waiting for the bad news. Your home Insuurance policy costs are on the rise, but being proactive can help keep costs down. Hurricane seasons of the past have caused this problem that never seems to go away and is now getting worse.Citizens Insurance is not a good place to be if you can get a regular Home Insurance policy and we can help you if you want quotes. Please read the full article below.

This is great news for Florida homeowners  as we at L & S try to get appointed with them. Please read the article below.This means that more people will be able to avoid citizens Insurance and get with a regular company and save money as well.The older home markets have lot’s of Mitigation credits based on how they were built and this company thinks they have a niche market.

Losses in North Georgia will exceed  250 million over the last several days and 80% do not even have Flood Insurance. Your Home Insurance policy  and Flood policy work together to be sure you are paid  for a claim and not will the claim get paid???  Please read the full arrticle below;

Major hurricane could still wipe out Floida financially.Insurance commissioner kevin McCarty reveals the real #’s and they are not pretty.Your Home Insurance policy needs to be checked and your Flood policy as well. Ask the customer service dept of your agency for help! Please read the article here;

Citizen’s Insurance is the largest Home Insurance company in Florida and the ability to pay claims when the big one comes is looking grim at best. With all the mitigation discounts,normal Insurance claims ect, no one knows what will really happen. Please read the full story hear;

Citizens is still the largest Insurer and they were supposed to be the Insurer od last resort. However, price freezes, Mitigation discounts and the lack of copanies sharing the risks has caused them to be competitive. This has also caused our cat fund to be 19 billion short with no end in sight. Prices are now on the rise starting 1/1/2010, but will that be too little too late. Please read the entire story here;

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