May 2010

Even though the predictions are for  23 named storms now this season from NOAH and 7 major hurricanes a lot of people and comapanies are playing the wait and see attitude.The numbers are staggering in that we have a 45% chance this season for a storm to actually hit the Eastern coast and/or Florida. Please read this article and be prepared!!!

Can you believe our Legislators in Washington  still have this bill mixed up in w/ the  bill on unemployment and what a mess that is. They are now trying to remove this program from the unemployment bill so it can be more easily dealt with, but until then we are once again w/ no Flood insurance effective 5/31. This means that real estate transactions cannot happen if flood is required unless Fannie and Freddy once again ok the application as temporary proof of coverage.How can this happen as we enter hurricaene season with predictions as bad as they are for the season. On top of this we have companies here in Florida like Northern Capital and Mgnoolia also being shut down and this means amny of them will now also need flood coverage they cannot have. This will not help our Real Estate market recovery at all and we know for sure that no coverage exists for the holiday weekend for new policy holders wanna be’s. Please read the full story below;

The MGA’s are owner’s of the Insurance companies and charge fees from the Insurance companies to be the manager of them. This system is wacky at best, but is the only system in Florida that works for now. The problem has been that they are charging a  lot and have been trying to take out more money than normal as the ower/investors. This is what has caused the Insurance companies to have smaller reserves in recent times. The Office of insurance regulation has raised the reserve requirements so things should start to improve over time. Higher  premiums is one of the answer’s, but that is too late for companies like Northern capital and Magnolia as well.Please read the full article below as we are about to enter hurricane season;

Please read the full story as we head into Hurricane season as the money is from Bond issues and who knows what will really happen if it is needed.Tallahassee wil be in emergency sessions for sure. The companies like Northern Capital and Magnolia will son be non existent so hopefully the other carriers that are more financially stable will be able to handle whatever happens this season. Please read the full story below and call our office for any customer service issues you may have.

I find it unusual that an advocate will urge a bill to be signed that could cause large rate increases. Tallahassee has this in their head that rates will not go up, but the only  thing we know for sure is that increases are expected to continue on the rise for the next 3 years. This bill does not allow deregulation so all increases will have to be requested, but if we keep loosing companies like Northern Capital and Magnolia then prices will have no where to go, but up??  Please read the full sory below about Hurricane season and  The Property Insurance bill;

Rates are on the rise in Florida as we head into  Hurricane season. The problems in Florida date as far back as Hurricane Abdrew, but rate rollbacks promised by Governor Christ when he took office 3 years ago has been the big reason that companies are having financial dificulties like Northern Capital and Magnolia of late. Even Citizens Insurance will have big issues if a hurricane were to come ashore in Florida this season and then we are all in trouble. The reserve requirements for new startup companies has been increased from 5-15 million and increases from there to help protect the State of Florida  and the Florida Cat fund if anything goes wrong this season and going forward.Let’s hope for the best adn call L & S Insurance for the best service. Please read the full article below;

Guess who will pay this bill? You guessed it, the Florida Homeowners in  Cat fund surcharges to all policy holder’s. The good news is that the worst case scenarios will be people insured w/ Citizen’s as they could get hit up to 45% of the current premiums they pay to cover this bill. People in other companies could get hit as well, but not as much and people in Citizens are hit first and hardest.Bonds will be used to try and raise the capital first, but if they don’t sell, the consumer’s will be here to foot the bill. Please get out of citizens Insurance as you can save money in most cases. We have lot’s of companies still writing Home Insurance and flood as well and our service department is the best. We also represent top rated comapnies like Federated National which is owned by 21st century an A+ carrier w/ AM best as well as several other’s.Please read the full story below;

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