April 2010

This is good news for people who need coverage and adds another admitted carrier not only writing Insurance, but also depopulating Citizens Insurance as well. Going into Hurricane season this is especially good news since we have 70,000 people from Northern Capital being Non renewed 5/30 this year and then no coverage no matter what. You would think Our legislators in Tallahassee or our insurance commissioner or our Governor  would help in this matter, but they do not seem to care about the consumer. Thank heavens for some companies stepping up to the plate like Allstate’s carrier and American Integrity as well for their efforts to help the Northern Capital scenario. Please read the full article below;



This was a mutual decision of the 2  parties for whatever financial reasons they encountered. 21st century through Federated National does still intend to persue business here in Florida. Federated has also been approved for 2  differant rate increases one that took affect last November on the book of business it writes directly through agencies like L & S Insurance(us) and now the approval came through for business it absorbed from Citizens Insurance to help out the State pool of Insurance. This new increase will kick in on 7/1/10 for all of those policies. The timing of this is interesting since Hurricane season is just around the corner. I am quite sure 21st century through Federated national will look for other busines ventures here in Florida which will only help the troubled Florida Home Insurance marketplace. Neither company will end up like Northern Capotal, Magnolia and other’s.Please read the full article below;


The House and Senate bill looks more likely to happen in both Legislative  houses in Tallahassee  because the deregulation portion was finally removed. This was done because Governor Christ would not sign it if the amendment still existed. My guess is that this will come back again when we have a new Governor that realizes that Insurance rates will go up or the State of Florida will not have private Insurer’s and will be on their own for good. More to come later this week, but please read the ful article below. If you need any help w/ any insurance issues, our office can help w/ Mitiagtion inspections to get the best rates as hurricane season is almost here:


This group of Individuals which consist of 21 people who are CEO’s of Florida based  Insurance companies are now lobbying for the Property Insurance reform bills  to be passed and signed in the next 2 weeks in Tallahassee. Not passing this bill will put Floridians in severe debt if a Hurricane hits Florida anytime soon. Since we  are only 5-6 weeks away from the Start Of  Hurricane season the sense of urgency is high. Also, with all the other issues out there like Magnolia, Northern Capital and other’s on the chopping block this bill is obviously urgent for sure. The real concearn I have is how will Floridians pay for this and how will this affect our Real Estate market recovery in Florida. Who can afford to live here and pay the premiums that will be by the end of 3 years from now if this bill passes and is signed by Gov. Christ. I understand both sides, but somehow something has to be done. Please read the full article below;


This article is from a reporter named Paige Saint James.Paige is with the Bradenton Herald.She interviewed me as part of a long story about issues in Tallahassee and how this affects the insurance industry as a whole. The info here includes info on Hurricane season and how this affects Insurance rates as well as Citizens Insurance.Information included is regarding all the carriers like Northern Capital, Olympus, Magnolia.Mitigation Inspection Discounting is an issue coupled with discussion on the Office of Insurance regulation and how they handle things for all of us. I believe you will find all of this interesting. In the meantime I will be working on rewriting 550 clients w/ Northern Capital between now and 5/30. Wish us luck!

Thanks, and please read the enclosed article;


This article is good informationn to read.The Key to the story is having an agent that can shop to many companies for you and trust the information given. There are so many people who sell  poliices just to get a low premium for a customer to switch to them. You have to ask yourself why is this cheaper than the other agents quote? Perhaps they did not give me coverage’s I really need? Please be sure todo your homework and rest assured the The HomeInsurance Guru who is the owner of L & S Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. of Soth Florida will do that for you. If you have a quote that is better than what my office can get  for you, we will advise you to take it and why. We are very confident that we will be able to meet or beat 95% of what we are given to handle. Thanks for following me and please read the info on  Buying Home Insurance;

This goes back as far as the end of February and will extend the program thru 5/31. This is just another bandaid to give them(Politicians) time to hash out other problems and issues. At least people can  now close on homes  and get flood insurance while the agents can renew policies and get paid as well. Florida Home Insurance has enough issues to deal with since Hurricane season is just around the corner.Please read the full article below;


Please read this story from the Independent Agent magazine, but remember that this is national news and not true about Florida Home Insurance companies and the problems we have w/ Hurricanes ect…Please be looking for my article on Flood Insurance later this morning 4/16/10


74, 000 people will loose coverage from Northern Capital  Home Insurance issues  and now about 17,000 will get direct easy help. More of this is needed for all, but this is a great start. I have also heard that the flood Insurance bill passed last night(4/15/10) . More news to follow on that, but here is the article on American Integrity;


How do politicians change the story to suit their personal situations! I have come to realize that I do not trust any of them as they all have way to many personal agendas and friends to help. That has and will continue to be a trend because none really seem to care about the people who put them in office. It is time for all of them to be held accountable for their actions and tough actions  should be imposed on them. Our Insurance situation in Florida is very criticle and getting worse by the minute. The people are hurting and the agents and agencies are struggling to survive and no one really sems to care. Hurricane season is apon us and hundreds of thousands of  Floridians are now searching for insurance and that processs takes time, but we do not seem to have it.The best example is Northern Capital as they are being shut down by 5/30 and 74,000 people will need insurance in this short time, but who can handle the situation? As if this was not enough service issues taking care of customer’s is too expensive to deal with and simple things Like Flood insurance are not even available yet: Please read how our Insurance commissioner is under fire below;


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