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Please call  Lee from Calle Financial at 954-270-7966, Your Insurance Consultant  about Home Insurance, Auto, Flood, Private Flood, Car, Life Insurance & Financial Products, Business  & Commercial Policies, and Group Products for business owners to give Employees benefits at no cost to them.

Hurricanes Irma and Michael served as a reminder that Florida, more than any other state, is at risk of one of the most intense natural perils, namely hurricanes. The existence of a stable insurance market providing its customers with a wide choice of affordable insurance is essential for the Florida economy to prosper.

Nonetheless, the Florida insurance market faces various challenges, the most critical from a reinsurance perspective being:

The litigious environment that is driving unprecedented social inflation threatening the affordability and availability of private insurance and impairing (re)insurers efforts to address existing insurance protection gaps with innovative products.

The need to enhance and consistently enforce building codes reflecting the latest scientific developments to create more resilient communities that will save lives and mitigate damage from catastrophes

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HB 803 and SB 408 are about ready to go to a full vote in Tallahassee and be signed by the Governor. This is part of the sweping Insurance reform bills going through this legislative sesion and to be signed by our new Governor Rick Scott. This will allow claims to get paid after the work is completed and it shortens the amount of time you have to file a claim and get paid. There are also parts of the bill that will not allow you to use a Public Adjustor for claims against Citizens Insurance and other carriers are following that lead as well. I am no fan of Public adjustors, but there is a need for many, but they have caused   hundreds of millions of dollars  of Fraudulent claims that have been paid and have contributed to this problem. Please read the full article by Julie  Patel of the Sun Sentinal and please contact us here at L & S Insurance for all  your Insurance quotes and needs;

During this year 140 carriers have had rate hikes ranging from 1% to 29% on a state wide average. Whatever the rate hike is, South Florida get’s double the average. Although this is necessary and I agree w/the Ins. Commissioner, why so late????  Why did he agree w/ Governor Christ before and why did he not start pushing the property bill till it was late in the game! My personal feeling is that he is looking to keep his job and no more.  He is a politician and like everyone else, he does not want to get fired. Over the last 3 years rates have fallen by 30-50% across the board and now we head back up, what is wrong w/ this picture. Home owner’s in Florida are upset and the entire system for Home Insurance is in turmoil now and for several years to come. Why did it have to come to this? As if this was not enough, it appeears that Citizens Insurance also needs major rate hikes so when will our Legislature in Tall. get wise and fix the problem before disaster strikes. I guess I ask to many questions, but please read th full artucle below:

The bill passed the Insurance committee and with the bill that passed last week it  looks  like Insurance rates are on the rise big time in Florida for the next 3 years at a minimum. The statewide average is scheduled to be not much next year at 5% and then go to 10% and 15% respectively, but this is an avaerage. Those averages are usually double or more for South Florida and less  for areas like Ocala, Tallahassee  and Jacksonville.This means that mitigation inspections, and any discount you can get will be so valuable. Hurricane season is now 8 weeks away so the pressure is on in Tallahassee to get things done and they are moving quickly.This will help the Insurance markets  because of the higher premiums and this should also help w/ the issue of capacity, but who will be able to afford the Insurance they must carry for the mortgage company?There is hope that this will allow more companies like State Farm and other’s to re enter the market because of the higher premiums, but that is yet to be seen.Citizens will also be increasing their premiums as well. Please read the full article below;

Losses in North Georgia will exceed  250 million over the last several days and 80% do not even have Flood Insurance. Your Home Insurance policy  and Flood policy work together to be sure you are paid  for a claim and not will the claim get paid???  Please read the full arrticle below;

I have been thrilled yet nervous about this quiet Hurricane seson we have had so far. Hurricane Andrew was the first of that season and hit late  August. Hurricane Wilma was the only main storm for Florida that year, but did not hit until late October. Please review your Home Insurance, Flood Insurance, and Auto Insurance coverage’s with your agent to be sure you are protected properly. Also, if you have a new roof,new garage door, new front  door, hurricane shutter’s or window’s covering all opening’s, please do the mitigation inspection. The savings will be good for 5 years and you will be able to use it for 5 years.The cost is minimal and you could save thousand’s over that time period.